My Run Lola Run Dream

For starters, I haven’t even seen this German film. But Lola’s frantic run unknowingly became the subject of my lucid dreaming nightmare one night. #TrueStory

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There I was with a friend (no idea who); we were hiding behind a large, black barricade on the side of the night street, lit scarcely by tinted yellow street lamps that were probably installed a century ago.

My friend and I shifted our puny heads slightly up the barricade to see if the men were coming. The men, who had hazy faces, who’s identity was as good a clue to me as to why I was having this dream in the first place. Men who after a few moments were approaching our way, wearing a garb like villains right out of a KGB novel.

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My friend and I had no time to think. Look. Run. RUN. We got up to our feet while trying to lower our heads as low as possible so the men won’t spot us. Why? Who the hell were they? Why am I dreaming of myself running from unknown assailants? I mean why the hell would someone chase a 24 year old seemingly normal advertising professional with no clue about the thug life? But a dream must go on. We ran, my unidentified mate and I, as fast as we could into the dark, hazy scene ahead that cleared itself frame by frame with our every step. A taxi cab and a garbage can revealed themselves on the left of the road. That damn garbage can slowed down my pace for a few seconds, but I recovered on my feet soon for the unexplained sprint. I swear I could have heard The Cure’s ‘Fascination Street’ playing in the back of my mind as background music. Fitting. But no time to admire the music. We run. We must.


We ran for a few blocks then turned left to the best of my post-dream memory. We turned left to enter what looked like a garage. After our ninja feet paused and fumbled for a few moments wondering where to go, we spotted a way out towards the right of the garage; a clear set of thin stairs wounding upwards.

I’d like to mention that this was a point where I paused the dream to ponder upon how I was able to sprint like a ninja with such ease. Only two types of people could do that – ones who have vigorous protein intake daily, and ones who run driven from fear.

I was driven from fear, in the dream, and as it revealed later, in reality too.

Run Lola Run film

Just as I noticed the stairs, I saw what was so far the weirdest thing in this nightcrawler dream. I saw people moving up the stairs in a line, people who I knew. People from my work place.

Time was running out for me, but my feet had to obey. I ran forward without hesitation, my friend following me. Some people ushered us to get on in the queue and rush upstairs. With the look of utter surprise on my face, I marched on right. I turned around after a few steps to see one of my juniors at work right behind me.


As we reached the rooftop of this garage, suddenly the stairs ended. There were no more steps. Just as randomly there was a wooden plank in front of me, connecting nothing really with this roof I was on. Unless, unless I stepped onto this plank, took a ninja leap forward and landed on the rooftop in front of me that belonged to another unknown structure. Assassin’s Creed much?

While I hesitated a few seconds, I heard the people behind me shouting, encouraging me to move on ahead. They all looked like the same person, clones of each other perhaps?



I didn’t have time to think too much. And there I went, I jumped and stepped upwards onto the wooden plank. It was weak. I had to jump and instantly balance myself just perfectly. I did. The next moment I saw my impending death in the gaping depth that lay ahead, if I didn’t jump ahead right. I took my breath in and leaped forward without wasting any second that could lead to wasting my inertia.

It was very much a daredevil leap of death. If this was a movie, this would be the scene with the slow-mo action-thriller sequence, one where everybody watched with their gaping mouths and hearts hung upside down in their throats.

I reached the other end. But just as I landed, I hit my head hard on some rod like object. That gave me a soaring pain, one that I felt so excruciatingly even in my lucid dreaming state.

And just like that, that was the end of my dream. But the weirdest part was yet to come.

Run Lola Run

Lucid dreams are all about ‘feeling it’ right? Well, here’s the creepy part. I actually felt the pain in the exact same spot in my head. Even after I woke up. Even when there was nothing sharp on my bed where I could have hit in my slumberous state. Unless I actually got up and thrust my head on the head of the bed. It couldn’t have been a physically obtained wound otherwise.

A physical feeling thronged by the resounding pain passed through layers of sleep states and reached my conscious form. Touched my conscious form. What rational explanation could my mind provide to explain this? Was I astral traveling in my dream that night? With my mind or soul taking a trip outside of my body while it lay motionless and unwary of the affairs in the lucid world. Is astral traveling even real? I wouldn’t have slightly believed so if not for the wound that was as painful as it could get and stayed for days after.

The most peculiar part about this dream was the chilling similarity to the film, one that I hadn’t caught the slightest glimpse of anywhere close to this night. The concept of running out of time in the pursuit of something unexplainable and something that probably had nothing to do with me. The concept of having to make lurid decisions on the go with my life on the line. The adrenaline rush gaining the best of me.

So did this dream signify anything?

Run Lola Run quotes

The KGB style men tailing us endlessly reflected the unresolved issues creeping back up in my mind, refusing to leave.

The sprinting represented fear tugging at me with a constant, sharp sting and how I avoided it by sprinting off into an endless void.

The Assassin’s Creed stunt presented itself as a sign to face the trials, letting me know that it’s time to let courage take foot.

The jump proved something I grew up believing in. That when I make the leap, I own the leap. And I disown the fear. It’s just about shutting the voices in your head. And Run. Run. Jump.

“In all chaos, there is a cosmos, in all disorder, a secret order.” ~ Carl Jung


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