Black Sea Monster


A tempest dissolved, a passion unturned.
Waves nursed themselves back to calm,
as a serenading stillness returned to the night.
Then out came a mighty sound, as she settled into her boat.
The black sea monster rose, with an unflinching poise.
It stayed still and peeked up at her little boat.
She put down her wine glass as she carefully
paused to admire the enormous life form.
A moment of meek silence passed by another.
None spoke, eyes fixated in quietude.


The monster’s eyes showed no signs of monstrosity,
no reflections of devious desires,
no desperate claws hunting for a scent of fear,
no look of dripping hunger to consume her guts.

Was it the very beast that literature had fantasized?
Was it the beast, accused merciless in its endeavors,
slaying men who held harpoons?
Was it the beast whose fangs were said to
tear apart a mariner’s ship in the quiet of the night?
Was it the very beast whose stories
countless seamen had uttered before?
Was it a beast after all?

It moved an inch, moving the erratic waves along with it.
Little did she quail, for she had found
her unwavering comfort in his silent company.
The sea monster, barely unruly, continued staring deep into her bones.
It felt something too. That sedating tranquility shared between them.
It moved again.
Made a slow uttering sound as it opened its jaws
to reveal a sight magnifique.


She thought to herself in the company of her dauntless mind,
‘Was it man or beast that scares?
Was it man or beast that drives men’s fears?
Would we all survive the catastrophe without the beast;
would we hunt it down or conspire together to discover a story of survival never imagined before?’

The black sea monster waved its fin but just an inch,
enough to wash down waves of wonder through her gushing body.

Who am I to defy your enormity?
Who would I ever be to question your lust for power, if you had any?
I am but a life form, just as meek as you, but fearless and haunted.

She flashed him a gentle smile and kicked the plank. Her boat moved away.
She rowed away into the dark night.


Artwork Courtesy – Maugryph
In The Heart Of The Sea (Copyrights Warner Bros) –
Others – &


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